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Thread: Rotolight Neo?

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    Question Rotolight Neo?

    Has anyone used this light? I can't find many reviews that are not sponsored...

    The Rotolight Neo peeks my interest for being battery powered light when not near an outlet (hotshoe flash does the same).

    The main selling point is, the barrel lenses I use don't have a flash sync.


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    Re: Rotolight Neo?

    Here is a great review about Rotolight Neo -

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    Re: Rotolight Neo?

    The Rotolight NEO I is a nice little light, you can dial in WB 3200 to 6000K and can shoot several hours on a set of batteries. The light quality is not that hard even without a modifier, not as soft as if using a soft box but then not as hard as bare bulb (direct with softer shadow transition). However the problem is that it is also not very strong. Used the NEO I to supplement natural light on a model shoot in a small room of a B&B. Results were very nice but was shooting at about 1/250 f1.8 with iso 640 with the light at approx 3-4 ft away.

    There is a new NEO II that is a little more powerful in constant light mode but still doesn't offer 1 stop more light (prob about 80% stronger than NEO I). One benefit of the NEO II is that it can also operate in flash mode up to 1/8000 with basically no recycle time. The flash output as described by the manufacturer is several stops brighter than the constant light output, and can be fired remotely by a Elinchrom trigger.

    There are several other light made By Rotolight that are quite a bit more powerful but also carry a heavier price. Was waiting to see if they introduce a NEO III as would like to get something in that size (easily carried in camera backpack) but at least 2-3 stops more powerful in constant light mode.


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