Bought These!
Hoping the above work, I have used Ben's before and the stuff is great. Never tried the wipes.

And yes, I wish we had 2-3 months. Maybe when/if I quit work and we are called to more missions work. Hmm, could start a church in NZ.

I will be honest, the 4x5 is coming with me. Traveling light be damned. It can sit in the trunk of the right-sided steering wheel of a vehicle.
The real question will be if I bring the Leica or ship the Rollei off. I think I will ship the Rollei off regardless. Leica probably smarter as I can swap lenses out and it has a smaller foot-print, more photos, etc.

I know many of you are married, have been married, etc. But Emily is very sweet and kind, encourages me to go shoot. Of course, she is human, and I need to be responsible. I'm not an idiot. Well, all us men are buffoons...but, I will be wise in the time I invest shooting in general. She was home-schooled, is way too nice of a person, and loves to read...she's planning to tote a few books for the car rides.

A photo of us young'ins in CO a few months back when I proposed.
We were there 4 days and the 4x5 came out once, one evening from 4-8PMish on a slow drive of Trail Ridge Road in RMNP.
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