Hi all,

Received LOTS of great advice on where to go in CO for popping the big question. Well, it happened at the end of July, and she said yes, so here we are.
Any travelers out there have some advice on helping us boil down a location?

We do love the outdoors and exploring, I love my photography, obviously...but want to make sure to enjoy the honeymoon and time together. Not shooting the entire time. Alas, this is a honeymoon, and since we won't live together until after the wedding we plan to relax and not be too fast paced/traveling non-stop during our trip.

Things To Note:

  • Probably 14-17 days total for the trip.
  • Wedding is Jan 28th, a Sunday. So we would leave the 29th or 30th.
  • I am not a fan of the beach much, but the lady is. She loves the mountains too. Both of us love Yosemite. Ahh...could live there.
  • We do want a nice mix of exploring and relaxing.
  • Not on an insane budget, but do want to do our best at being mindful of that.
  • Would prefer not to go full out camping/backpacking (think more day hikes)...that way it limits us traveling with stoves/tents/etc.
  • We enjoy wine and beer and stuff like that. Not much for bars/clubs/dancing/nightlife. We would rather grab a bite and go sit in the park to eat just talking. Or walk around town.
  • NZ is very appealing and beautiful, but would consume lots of travel time.
  • We assume Argentina is gonna be cheaper, overall.
  • If Argentina, we would love to see Torres del Paine and Patagonia
  • NZ does seem to have such a wide variety of things to see. While Patagonia is HUGE.

Wherever we go, I figure it would be nice to fly in to somewhere and stay 3-4 days in a place, relaxing, drinking wine, etc. Then move locations, perhaps a home base for the next week or so, and go exploring and stuff from there.
Or drive/fly to one or two spots. For the most part try not to travel every other day, but, get a decent mix of seeing various sights, yet not feeling like we are traveling non-stop. Neither of us really want to be in the same spot for 14 straight days either though.

Any advice at all is appreciated!!! Thanks so much for all the good advice in the past. I think once we can sort a place out (been tracking flights for a few weeks now), it will help planning the itinerary and booking places to stay/etc.