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    I was wondering if Steve Simmons and VC magazine has recovered their issues.

    Further, I might be interested in a compact disc access to earlier issues. My current profession is in construction as an independent general contractor, and I subscribe to the "Journal of Light Construction". This contains many articles monthly about techniques as well as new materials and alerts. The articles run from in depth methods of specialties to business practices and models. The subject of construction can fill a library, and the magazine can only highlight so much over any given period of time.

    The magazine offers an archived collection of "every article" from the inception of the magazine in Adobe Achrobat format. The costs is like a $100, and they update it once a year - for another $100, I do it every other year, so I don't fill my shelves with back issues. Also it is quicker for me to do a search for "flashing windows" for example than moving around stacks of paper!

    So anyway, I would like to know if others on this forum would also be interested in this as a resource.

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    hey Wilbur,

    VC magazine does offer the Technical series on cd. I have Series I which covers large format lens and series II on view camera techniques. I don't know if they have more but these are articles from past magazines. I don't remember what I paid, but wasn't very much.

    take care

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    Hi there,

    Great idea, I would like to have VC on disk, the complete collection would be good. I do wish Steve & Co. good luck with the theft.

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