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Thread: Running Imacon Flextight 646

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    Running Imacon Flextight 646

    I am about to buy a used Imacon 646. I tried to research but it is a bit overwhelming..
    What do I need to successfully connect it to a laptop?

    I have a macbook pro with OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and old poor HP laptop with Windows XP. I already know first one is probably not an option. I can buy an old macbook (G4?), but I read somewhere I need some adapter for SCSI or firewire (also?), that recently got very expensive. Some people recommend to use Windows as it is less troublesome (=no need for expensive adapter?). What is your opinion? Anyone used the scanner with PC?

    Is it probable it will need a service? What is the most common thing that breaks or needs adjustment at a service?

    Thank you a lot in advance!

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    Re: Running Imacon Flextight 646

    I think the 646 is firewire 400 compatible, shouldn't be too hard to find an older computer with firewire 400 for only a little bit of money, also I think the firewire 400 to 800 adapters are reasonable. At work we run ours on a Mac Pro 3,1 and a 27 inch Imac. Make sure you get the Flexcolor software that came with it, otherwise you may have to buy software. I have run the 848 and 949 Imacons for many years they are pretty darn reliable, but they do occasionally eat belts and maybe need a spring replaced or a worm gear cleaned and lubed. I think we have replaced three belts total over the last 10 years on our two machines, in a commercial lab setting. Broncolor in NJ still services the older Imacons as far as I know, they took care of our 848 two years ago, when it had a bad belt and some other related problem I don't remember exactly right now. The belt can be replaced by a moderately skilled user but we sent the whole unit in because of the second problem, I want to say it was a motor issue or maybe a firmware issue but it was an easy fix for the technicians in NJ.

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    Re: Running Imacon Flextight 646

    The software is downloadable from the Hasselblad web site, simply for registering. Any computer with Firewire 400, 800, or Thunderbolt with adapter will work. As PC's don't normally come with these port, any Mac made in the past 10 years or so should be more plug and play.


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    Re: Running Imacon Flextight 646

    Can I ask - what price range are we talking?
    I am also looking at an 646 - but can't figure out the price range.

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