Years ago had a 355mm in barrel mount that I used on my 11x14. Loved the images that I got with the lens. Then found a bargain deal on a 355mm in a Copal in mint condition and acquired the lens. Then sold my older 355mm barrel lens. After about a year of shooting with the newer 355mm in the Copal, realized that the images I was getting with the newer lens were not like those from the older 355mm. Honestly preferred the images that I got with that older G-Claron. I can only postulate that the older 355mm was a Dagor formula G-Claron, will never know for sure. My favorite all time lens for 8x10 is a 12 inch f/4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat in a BETAX 5, even though I also have and use on occasions a 300mm f/5.6 Fujinon W in a COPAL. Sometimes older is preferred over a newer optic.