My daughter bought me a copy of a curious book---Daylight after a Century Dr. George Djerdian's collection of photographs of pre-1915 Ottoman life in Eastern Anatolia, and I thought it interesting enough to post about it here.
This is a compilation of 100 photographs and magic lantern slides surviving from 240 taken by Dr. Djerdjian between 1900 and 1907 in his hometown of Arabkir and his college town of Ezeroum. These were hidden away in a metal box for 100 years, moving from Arabkir to Alexandria, Egypt (50 years) Khartoum, Sudan (20 years) London,England (30 years) and Washington DC (10 years.)
The images are organized into topics: Water, Land, People, Churches, Schools, Economic Life, Politiacl Life, Social Life, and personal images having to do with the photographer, Dr. Djerdjian. Information given for each image is sparse, sometimes (I suspect) more of a guess by his grandson who compiled and published the images in book form.

What is quite interesting is that there is considerable information about the camera the good Doctor apparently owned, a 1904 Goerz Anschutz Field Camera with 180 mm f/6.8 Doppel Anastigmat series III for 6-1/2x4-3/4" plates

I don't have much else to go on about this book, other than the IBSN 978-9939-51-826-8 and that it's published by Antares, c. 2015

It's interesting, for sure, and well written bio of Dr. Djerdjian and a background of how this book came to be. Cool stuff for a few hours of "time traveling"