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Thread: Back from Colorado Springs

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    Back from Colorado Springs

    I just now returned home so I'm still putting together some thoughts.
    Two insights I can offer regarding driving through Utah:

    1.) If you ever pass a sign for a scenic view pull out on a highway in Utah, don't pass it up! These vistas are incredible.
    2.) If you want to find really good places to eat while on the road, stick to the secondary (so-called blue) highways, as the Interstates tend to be the exclusive domain of numerous national fast food chains.

    As for the Colorado Springs area:
    1.) If you want to photograph in Garden of the Gods, be there when they first open the gates in the morning to get a parking space in the first, main parking lot coming from Colorado Springs. This is the closest trail head to the Perkins Central Garden Loop Trail, which also features most of the iconic formations, and you'll avoid the crowds (but not for long.) An easy hike even with an 8x10.
    2.) The Laughing Lab, a local brew, is really exceptionally good ale!
    3.) Take a cup and lots of quarters to Manitou Springs. A cup so you can sample water from each of the springs and lots of quarters because the the parking permit issuing machines don't like credit cards (my credit card, anyway.)
    4.) There is an Armenian restaurant, Lucy's, at the visitor's center at the Air Force Academy, if you're hankering for some Armenian food.
    5.) University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a great venue for a conference!
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    Re: Back from Colorado Springs

    Very few people know this, but back in 1976, when they first paved Route 12 in Utah, they originally had planned to install the typical "scenic overlook" signs. They had to scrap the whole idea when they ran out of signs in the first mile!!!
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    Re: Back from Colorado Springs

    I've just returned from a trip into northern Utah. Unfortunately, all was brown (the land) and gray (the sky.)

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    Re: Back from Colorado Springs

    There is a park on the East side of Colorado Springs called Palmer Park. Beautiful rock formations, hiking trails and a great spot for shooting Pike's Peak without the city in your view. Not nearly as crowded as the Garden of the Gods. I was stationed at Peterson Field AFB back in the 70's.

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    Re: Back from Colorado Springs

    At one time, Palmer Park actually WAS on the east side of the Springs. Nowadays, it's simply called downtown!
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