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Thread: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    I made a light box out of PVC pipe, some semitransparent white cloth, and a few large sheets of paper. The PVC is cut to size to build a box using the appropriate fittings to connect everything. The paper goes on the bottom, and I can draw it up the back for the infinite background look. It's also replaceable, which is good because I once did a catalogue of car parts. The PVC is easily disassembled and stored in a closet, wrapped in the fabric. I sewed channels into the fabric to run the PVC through. Though you could just as easily tape it (I did that the first few times I used it). Then it's just a matter of lighting the top and sides. I've used lamps, speed lights, and studio strobes to light it. They all work. Sometimes I'll throw something reflective behind the light to channel more light onto the fabric. I have it set up so I can either shoot top down, or from one side. It probably cost me around $40 to build, but it's paid for itself with as many times as I've used it. It's probably around 3 cubic feet. Every once in a while I wish it were bigger. But then again, every once in a while, I wish it were smaller too. So it's probably about the right size. It would definitely do a good job with 8X10 cameras.

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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    These are images for eBay and you think you need a studio? You can get a folding sheet of white foamcore for about $3.00 and use a table lamp. As long as the shots show enough detail, nobody is going to care what they look like.

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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    I do pretty much the same as SCM. I use old mat board. I use one for the base, one behind the item, and add another one on the opposite side of the window to bounce the light back toward the item. I use the dining room light above, which is on a dimmer. Seems to work fine. Sometimes the seams where the mat boards meet is visible. I just clean that up in Photoshop.

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