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Thread: How to handle "Free on Loan" threads, etc.

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    Re: How to handle "Free on Loan" threads, etc.

    We've all seen the little coin dishes at the counter by the cash registers. I've spoken to many cashiers who tell me the same people ALWAYS TAKE... and the same folks ALWAYS GIVE.

    I quit giving because most of the people who take... are NOT the folks who NEED it. Most of those who TAKE are usually fairly well-off.

    This connects with the OP only in the TRUST department. Not everyone is untrustworthy but too many are.

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    Re: How to handle "Free on Loan" threads, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by consummate_fritterer View Post
    I seldom sell or buy on forums anymore. I'll NEVER loan pricey things to others because of very bad experiences. People SELDOM return what they borrow.
    sorta drifting back on topic here!

    I am greatly indebted to people loaning me camera gear at other times in my life. In the late 80's an older family friend lent me some Nikon glass he probably hadn't used since his service in Vietnam. It enabled me to shoot sports and nature photos. I could only afford one lens, so this was very helpful. I eventually returned the glass and repurchased one of the favorites for myself after college; the 55 micro AIS...

    There are a handful of people on here I've met in person and would be glad to lend somewhat valuable things to. Strangers, I'm not so sure. Partly because I don't have time to deal with shipping, keeping track of where things are, etc... Same reasons I don't often sell gear. I wouldn't discourage other people from lending. CF, you appear new here; take some time to get to know people.

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    Re: How to handle "Free on Loan" threads, etc.

    So Sandy, you've got a tri-color camera kicking around? Just curious. No way I could afford one now. But I know how to use one and would enjoy balancing the colors


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