MANY thanks for the pictures. I only have one empty board so it would have been a bigger task for me -- and probably would not have helped anyway. Your results show to me that a "centered" board for one manufacturer can mean centered on the board OR it can mean centered on the light ring. Shen Hoa centers on the board and Linhof centers on the light ring. I know it's only a couple of millimeters, but for some lenses and circumstances it can be important.

Likewise, off-set might mean different things to different camera manufacturers. If you buy only their boards, everything might work out, but my camera company never made boards. Some companies, like mine, just say "uses Linhof boards" without details. But what my comany and Linhof used as off-sets may or may not be the same. My camera has a ZERO setting, but it is about 2mm off from the center of my ground glass when I use GENUINE WISTA boards.

Maybe I should have just stuck with using subminiature cameras. Oh Well!!! From them, I learned that a "silly, little millimeter matters" -- oh no, that was from a cigarette ad:

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