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Thread: Building the "Sinar Norma Handy" camera!

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    Re: Building the "Sinar Norma Handy" camera!

    In the 1980s had and used a Sinar handy with a 47mm Schneider optic. As I remember the lens did not cover the full 4x5 format. Used the camera for architectural photography with B&W IR film. Made a lot of prints which were displayed in board rooms and reception areas. We went through two sets of double Bubble Levels till we found a set that was 99.9% accurate. On weekends I would take the Handy out and do some street photography, sometimes even "from the hip". Too many times captured images of people looking at he camera... wasn't exactly a black Leica that went unnoticed by people on the sidewalks. Was common for me to be stopped and asked what kind of camera was it? Hope you enjoy your "hybrid" Handy.

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    Re: Building the "Sinar Norma Handy" camera!

    Thanks Greg for your response and well wishes.

    I have just returned from a very productive Handy testing session, at the local "Crystal Palace" botanical gardens, my wife used her new zoom on her D50, and I happily exposed sixteen 4x5" sheets in the Norma Handy. No problems at all, I love how quick the workflow is when shooting handheld. Focused hyperfocally, f11 at 1/250 and 1/125th. With a tripod camera I would have not been so nearly productive! Yes it is VERY Handy, they named it right.

    So six sheets of Tri-X Ortho, and ten sheets of HP5+ to develop. I ended up rating the film at EI 800, so maybe I will mix up some Microphen I have been saving. And right now the Multitank 6 is loaded with 6x9cm, and that needs Microphen, too.

    Perhaps I can soup tomorrow, we will see. Tonight I am busy. Happy New Year! And stay tuned!
    - Sinar Norma User

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