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Thread: Educate me on tilting lenses

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    Re: Educate me on tilting lenses

    The best 1 page introduction to LF movements:

    Print it out and keep it with you until you have mastered it.


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    Re: Educate me on tilting lenses

    Quote Originally Posted by duonganh View Post
    Question: when I tilt the lens on my Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5, will it influence sharpness, or just shift focus? Or neither of those two?
    Yes, it will affect sharpness because the image plane will have moved because the lens is now either tilted up (horizontal photos) or is looking to the side (vertical photos). (I am assuming you didn't drop the lens bed.)

    Yes, the focus will probably shift ... because the lens has moved.

    As others have suggested, watch the ground glass and refocus on your subject. That is a good rule to follow any time you move the lens.

    As I said above, the image plane will move and instead of it being in parallel with the film, the image plane will cut through the film on an angle. Part of the image will be in front of the film and part will be behind the film. This can be a cool effect once mastered.
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