Totally different style. For the P67 equipped with a 300 lens I necessarily use the same larger Ries tripod and external-frame backpack as for 8x10 work. I had a limited budget and had to make a choice. A few years ago I came upon an extremely clean M7 with 80 lens at a very tempting price. I didn't take the bait, because for even less I got BOTH a mint P67 300EDIF lens, which I had long wished for, as well as a fully functional GW690II, with its preferable 6X9 proportion. When I need to save pack weight and space on especially long backpacking trips, I take my little Ebony 4X5 folder and 6X9 roll film backs, plus a selection of three compact lenses, typically a 105, 180, and 300. Either the Fuji RF or a beater P67 stays hidden in the car for quickie road work; if something gets taken, it won't be horribly expensive to replace. The pricey gear will be with me in my pack. Plus I have a few full 4X5 holders for any more serious shots encountered. Too many toys = too much fun!