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Thread: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

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    Re: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

    Thank you very much for your replies, which I'm seeing only now. In the meantime, Calumet in Berlin gave me the opportunity to load my Linhof MTC equipment in a Compagnon backpack, and had me walk around with it a bit. I fairly quickly came to the conclusion that it is a beautiful item, but that the interior is a bit on the wobbly side to carry the relatively dense and heavy Technika. As Bob suggested I'll contact mr. König at again. Mr. König, whom I visited in Grafenau / Döffingen near Stuttgart last summer, custom-made a bicycle bag for me to take my Technika on bicycle trips. The bag is perfectly sturdy and easily accessible. Currently it serves me as a shoulder bag, too, but for longer hikes I think I'll have myself custom-make a König backpack.
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    Re: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

    Domke once marketed an OutPack photo backpack. Years ago it swallowed up my then 5x7 Linhof Super Technika system. Easily held the Technika, 3 lenses, holders, meter, etc. with room to spare. Padded walls and rode on my back quite more comfortably than other "Photo" backpacks that I have owned and used. See them coming up for auction in like new condition for under $200. Actually picked up another one in like new condition a few years ago for way under $100.00!!!... Suggest you Google images of the OutPack to see what it looks like.

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