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Thread: Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

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    Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

    Any recommendations on 8x10
    Wet Plate Holders?

    Thanks. Joe.
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    Re: Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

    I use this:

    Pvc, washable, good construction

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    Re: Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

    I use the Chamonix holder.

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    Re: Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

    I converted an 8x10 Fidelity film holder to take 6x8 plates. You can get 6 6x8 plates from a 12x20 sheet of aluminum, as opposed to 3 8x10's. Plus, I can hold a 6x8 plate by the corners with one hand; not so an 8x10.
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