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Thread: Hello from Western Canada!

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    Re: Hello from Western Canada!

    Hello, welcome! How are you liking the intrepid now that you've had it for a bit?

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    Re: Hello from Western Canada!

    Hi Bevan;
    I'm another newbie located up in Beaverlodge, Alberta. I'm looking at a Chamonix!!

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    Re: Hello from Western Canada!

    I am in Vancouver and also doing 4x5" (Cambo monorail and Chamonix 045 F2 view camera). I wish you luck and when I see somebody with large format in west coast it could be you.
    Besides 4x5" and Hasselblad I do a lost of digital photography but film is always refreshing.
    I wish there are more photolabs in Vancouver to be able to process slide film...

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    Re: Hello from Western Canada!

    Hey I'm in Vancouver too! I'm the one with the antique camera wrestling with my dark cloth.

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