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Thread: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

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    Re: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

    Looks like they cancelled the Kickstarter.

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    Re: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

    This is pretty dire news and I fear once all stock of New55 film is gone, our Polaroid holders will be parked on shelves. I hope there's a way New55 and 20x24 can work towards a common goal.
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    Re: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

    After SP-2810, now this one, tough times for Large Format KS projects. And really bad timing for the pod supply situation...

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    Re: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

    I wonder if there would be a way to partner with universities...
    - to get a commitment to purchase a large stock of the film
    - or through engineering or business partnerships... (Senior projects at the University of Colorado were often about finding solutions like 'the thing' or making pods)
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    Re: New55 new Kickstarter campaign

    If you have any ideas send them to New55. They read here as well but any encouragement and involvement of the large format community is appreciated. And maybe there are ways to raise money not thought of before so every input could be really important.
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