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I'm one who uses 90% portrait orientation on 8x10; does Chamonix offer this option (portrait-only back)?
I could live with having to flip the camera at 90˚ to landscape orientation for the remainder of shooting.
I used a 4x5 Gowland PocketView (Calumet version) this way for many years -- granted, it is easier to turn a 2 pound camera 90 degrees. The PockerView could be set up as landscape or portrait 'mode', just not practical to do in the field if the light was changing. One just removed the four screws holding the camera on to the standards, rotate the body 90 degrees and put the screws back in. I stopped doing this when I dropped one of the screws in a creek and just flipped the camera 90 degrees on the tripod/head.

But what was interesting was that which ever way I had the camera set-up (portrait or landscape), that was the type of images I tended to see.