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Thread: Imaging-themed source for business cards

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    Re: Imaging-themed source for business cards

    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Croell View Post
    I seem to remember the darkening on the screen before the "photo enhancement" button, but I don't think I changed the image itself.
    I do suggest using the 'photo enhancement' button it does a pretty good job of pre-flighting your image for print via magical sharpening, gamut adjustment, & toning via computer algorithm.
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    Re: Imaging-themed source for business cards

    Thanks again for all the comments. I ended up going with Vistaprint and chose a theme/template and did some small customizations. Much better than what I had, but will make some tweaks next time around. In general the quality is reasonable for the price.

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    Re: Imaging-themed source for business cards

    Quote Originally Posted by chassis View Post
    Looking for an online source of business cards that caters to imaging/graphic arts. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Private message is ok, or replies to this thread work also.
    I have a question relative to having a business card created, so I hope it is appropriate to piggyback onto the original question.

    I am a bit hesitant about including my personal information on a card I am contemplating...I was thinking of just providing an email address. I am not a pro but a serious amateur so I am not so concerned with making "business" contacts. Anyone else experience this and how did you resolve.



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    Re: Imaging-themed source for business cards

    Nobody uses the phone anymore anyway so email is fine. But I doubt scammers are collecting contact info from random business cards so I don't think it'll be an issue either way.
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