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Thread: New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice

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    New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice


    It's been a while since my last post - I have been busy! When you get a chance, check out my newly published book, The Neutronís Long Shadow: Legacies of Nuclear Explosives Production in the Manhattan Project. All images are b&w and most were taken with my 8x10 Arca Swiss. Some were made using the stitched-mosaics method and a Pentax 645D 40-MP medium-format digital camera. Most mosaics were 3x3 but one panorama was 3x9. This book has been in the works since 2008.

    You may be interested in how I got it published as Iím sure many of you have similar notions. At the suggestion of Chris Jordan, whom some of you may know, I began entering competitions in 2003 as a way to get my images (nature abstracts at the time) before the eyes of some movers and shakers. This can overwhelm you so I was selective, based on who the jurors were. Finally, in 2011 a Critical Mass juror, who was also a book agent, contacted me and asked if I would like him to represent me. As this agent was a retired chief editor of Abrams, it didn't take me long to decide. It took until 2015 for him to find a suitable publisher as b&w is a hard sell these days. The publisher liked my work, however, and signed contracts with me for three books. The second one is now in editing, Weapons of Mass Destruction: Specters of the Nuclear Age. I am now writing the third, Twentieth Century War Machines: Vestiges of an Embattled Humanity. This subject area has been a big commitment for me - some 12 years now.

    As many have observed, the process is challenging, exhausting, but rewarding as well. I hope that my experience will stimulate you to think of new and untrodden subject matter. Believe it or not, there are vast opportunities out there. I wish you luck with your own projects.

    All the Best, Martin

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    Re: New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice

    Congratulations on your books.
    Always great to hear a success story and thank you for the advice.


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    Re: New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice

    The preview looks great! I've added to my wishlist to order later. I am also fascinated with cold war history. Partly because it was/is all around us, and the people who made a career of it are mostly still alive.

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    Re: New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice

    "WOW! Now thats a big camera. By the way, how many megapixels is that thing?"

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