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Thread: Where is a good place to get lenses?

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Hi. I'm new to LF, and recently have purchased a ToyoView 4x5. I have used it a lot since purchasing, and it has only one lens setup. I was wondering if when I want a new lens (different focal length) I could get just the new glass, and screw them on in place of the lens glass I have now (ie- use the same shutter with different glass). Any help would be appreciated. I have a 150mm now, and would like to get a wide angle and telephoto someday. Thanks!!


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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Wherever you find them, Tim!!! I have bought several off of eBay and have been well pleased with the condition as described and the price paid in every case (guess I've been REALLY lucky from some of the tales I've heard from others). My best buys, though, have come at the local twice-a-year camera swap meet and show; last show I picked up an excellent condition Turner-Reich 6 1/4" f-6.8 triple-convertible for $20.00...and that was his asking price, not what I talked him down to. At the same show I got a 100mm Wide Field Ektar f-6.3 for $30.00 asking price. Both of these lenses were mounted in good shutters. There are good buys out there, you just have to look for them and not get impatient!

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Each lens has it own shutter. You can not simply interchange elements in shutters, since the screw threads have a different diameter for each lens element. There are probably other issues that would prevent this as well, such as the spacing of the glasss element from the shutter.
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Before buying more equipment check the Free Articles on the View Camera web site

    There is a lens focal length comparison chart that might be helpful

    steve simmons

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Sometimes elements can be interchanged to fit one of the more standardized shutters, but the f/stop scale will be off, and you run a risk of dirt in the shutter/scratches on the lens doing it out in the field. E-bay can be a great source; watch a little while before bidding, and know what you want and about what it's worth going in. For 4x5, there's a large, constant, and widely diverse selection of lenses going by. BTW, most of the bidding happens as the listing ends.

    The camera swap-meets Vick mentioned are wonderful; you can handle the item and talk with other photographers, and there are often great bargains.

    I'd mention what you're generally looking for to area camera shops; they occassionally get lf stuff, and don't attach much value to it as it's not in high demand locally.
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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Hi Tim,

    Used lenses are good value. Do a google search for the following stores. I am not associated with any of them in any way, they are places that I have bought from and found to offer good values.

    KEH, Midwest Photo Exchange, Badger graphics, B+ H Photo Video, classifieds.

    Good Luck shopping!

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Try the internet...

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    start with jim at midwest photo supply...

    often he;ll sell you cleaner gear than what you'll find on ebay at lower prices.

    i ALWAYS start my searches with jim (95% of the time they end with him, too).

    good luck,

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    Where is a good place to get lenses?

    Don't buy from the 1st place you check either. Shop around, I was very surprised for I am looking for a wide angle also. I would not even consider buying from some places mentioned. Others have gotten good deals. Ebay has done all right by me as long as you do not get into a bidding war. Just walk away before the price gets higher than your willing to pay. Another will come along. It is easy to keep saying well another $10 will not hurt. After a few times of that you find out you have paid way over value for the lens.
    Good luck,

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