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Thread: Frame and Mat Board Suppliers

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    Re: Frame and Mat Board Suppliers

    Quote Originally Posted by JMO View Post
    Jerold, Thank you for this reco, as I am thinking about using them for framing supplies. I have a good local source here in the Milwaukee area for Rising Museum Board, and they will make frames for me to, but I'd like to try Frame Destinations. ...
    Just got my second shipment from Frame Destinations today -- well packed. Thankfully, since Fed-Ex threw the two packages over my 6 foot fence. Landed on the dirt/grass -- the frames and glass are all fine (twenty 5"x5" frames and four 5"x12" frames. Wood.)
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    Re: Frame and Mat Board Suppliers

    +1 for frame destinations. They have done several big projects (and smaller ones) for me over the years. Top quality, fast service and extremely well packed. Good folks to do business with.

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    Re: Frame and Mat Board Suppliers

    I use both American Frame and Frame Destinations. Since they offer the same products at the same prices, I order from the one that is running a sale or offering free shipping. They are both dependable.

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