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Thread: From 127mm to 90mm

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    From 127mm to 90mm

    On a Busch Pressman D, when switching from a 127mm to 90mm lens, is it necessary to lower the bed when shooting?

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    Re: From 127mm to 90mm

    I found it to be necessary. I got just a tip of the bed in the first shot I took with a 90mm 6.8 Angulon. Not much, but enough to need cropping.
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    Re: From 127mm to 90mm

    Definitely with the back rotated to vertical. I put some dayglo tape on the ends of the rails to remind me. I seem to remember getting away with it somehow in horizontal mode. A 90 other than the short Angulon might give you other options such as a little rise.

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    Re: From 127mm to 90mm

    It might depend on which 90, and if you're using movements (of course). For instance, my Fujinon 90/5.6 seems to be fine on my Speed Graphic (which is a different, but similar camera). It has a focal length of 90mm, but a flange focal length of 102.5mm. So it sits about 12.5mm further down the bed than perhaps some other 90mm might, which seems to be enough to keep the bed out of the image. It also just barely fits in the front opening! The Schneider 90/8 sits at about 98 mm and the Rodenstock 90/5.6 seems to be about 109.4mm. Sorry I can't specifically say what will and won't work for you, but there may be some leeway here if you need to find one that will work.

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    Re: From 127mm to 90mm

    The 100mm Wide Field Ektar might be a suitable choice too.

    It's very small compared to a 90mm Grandagon F6.8.

    It fits nicely on a Pressman if the extra 10mm is not critical for you.


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