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Thread: Alan Ross One on One Coaching - On Line Mini Workshop

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    Eric Biggerstaff
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    Alan Ross One on One Coaching - On Line Mini Workshop

    This past Sunday I took advantage of a new service offered by Alan Ross. He is now offering a one on one coaching session that is online but live and face to face. If you have some images that are giving you fits in the darkroom or in digital and want to have an expert take a look, then this is a great service.

    I had a few old negs that I had never been able to get just right in the darkroom so I scanned them then sent the files down to Alan. On Sunday, Alan and I met online using Zoom and for the next hour and a half we worked over my images. Alan took me through his workflow in Photoshop and Lightroom and we manipulated the images to get them just the way I would want to print them in the darkroom. I now have a model to work from.

    Once the session is done, he sent me the files we worked on along with a recording of the session so I can watch it whenever I want. That is a real bonus as I now have a workflow that is repeatable and available at my fingertips.

    The sessions are very reasonably priced and well worth the cost! Another benefit is that no matter where you live, as long as you have internet access you can take the "mini" workshop. I am not aware of any other well known artist who offers this type if workshop, it is outstanding.

    By the way, he will work on just about any issue you want sorted out. Just contact him via email and explain what you need help with.

    I highly recommend.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Re: Alan Ross One on One Coaching - On Line Mini Workshop

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Biggerstaff View Post

    I highly recommend.
    I ordered his selective masking kit recently. After a number of days with no response I sent a follow-up email - What the hey?

    Up pops Mr Ross with a reply. Turns out he'd been on a little trip in my neck of woods in the Texas Hill Country and had just returned and assured me my order would get top priority.

    Sure enough in less time than expected I received my kit with a hand written 'sorry for the delay' note from the man himself.

    As one who has a small Ansel Adams library sitting on his book shelf and cut my teeth on the 'Negative, Camera, and Print' books this was indeed a very pleasant surprise.

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    Re: Alan Ross One on One Coaching - On Line Mini Workshop

    That is quite a service from a prestigious photographer. Maybe the closest thing to a session with Ansel Adams; I would have thought such a service would be prohibitively priced. Thanks for posting this info.

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