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Thread: diy f-stop timer

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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Ic-racer, no, no need of any calculator.
    You can set the f-stop interval anytime in 1/100, 1/10, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or full stop. Once done (I use 1/10 by default ) you may adjust your time whenever you want, directly by rotating the encoder, no need to confirm anything, just set the f-stop/time and start the timer.
    Once you have done a test strip, no need to set your time again to make your exposure, just select the strip of your choice and expose, nothing more.
    Hope to be clear enough.....

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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Dear All,
    these are the links to:
    the latest PCB (the gerber files are available) with an illustrated BOM
    The code (version 1.4) has been updated to match the new pinout, and
    some useful info about supplying power is provided (safety first!)

    All the best


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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Elias, an admirable effort. I read everything including the manual, the fire story, and the PCB breakout.

    However, unless I get real bored in March I have no time to make one.

    I have too many other projects to do by June 1, 2018 then it's vacation!

    Thanks for the follow-up and it does look good!

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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Yes, thanks for the effort..if my StopClock would ever brake down..I hope not, but than there is an alternative and a learning curve..never did any tectonics myself, although I have soem understanding theoretically..perhaps a nice retirement my StopClock should work about 14 years more..;-)..



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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Just what I was dreaming of. I have some experience in old fashioned electronics but not in microcontrollers. This detailed project description is maybe just what I needed to take the plunge.
    Congratulations! There are other timers around, but this one seems to have the best thought-out interface.

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    Re: diy f-stop timer

    Hi All,
    thank you for all the nice comments, really appreciate.

    Here is a new video showing the latest developments: a LED variable contrast enlarger head interface to ease the split grade printing process

    Again, thank you All


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