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Thread: Can I use my old Schneider lenses for a Nagaoka Seisakusho 4x5?

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    Re: Can I use my old Schneider lenses for a Nagaoka Seisakusho 4x5?

    Quote Originally Posted by hporter View Post

    You are very welcome.

    Not to dissuade you on your camera choice, but have you considered one of the new Intrepid cameras?

    I assume that you are drawn to the Nagaoka for it's small size and weight. The Intrepid cameras seem to be small and lightweight too. The reason I mention this is that the bellows on these old Japanese cameras were not very robust. Mine, though still light tight, seem to be getting rather fragile. So please be careful to have any potential seller truthfully tell you the condition of the bellows.

    Looking at my camera again today, I thought that the Intrepid as a brand new camera probably does not cost much more than a set of replacement bellows for the Nagaoka would. And at that price point I wouldn't be afraid to throw it in a pack and go outdoors.


    I am speechless. OH MY DEAR GOD! I absolutley LOVE that camera on your link! I am so looking up that one! I just want a camera that works and don't break so you have a poont in buying vintage camera.
    Thank tou so much for all answers, link and great tips! Thank you!

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    Re: Can I use my old Schneider lenses for a Nagaoka Seisakusho 4x5?


    Yes, I am very interested in it too.

    It is not finely finished, and doesn't have all the movements of some other field cameras. But it has enough movements for what I would use it for and it looks to be a fairly practical camera for toting around with you. And I really think I need a view camera with dark blue bellows!

    I hope they come out with the 8x10 version soon, as that would clinch the deal for me. I saw on the web that they developed a 4x5 reducing back for their 8x10 prototype camera. That would be useful for about 95% of what I would use a view camera for. And if they made the front standard large enough to fit a packard shutter inside the bellows - I would be in heaven.


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