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Thread: Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display

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    Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display

    Flatten your prints my slightly moisting then on the back after they have dried and put between some smooth mat board and weight them down with some heavy books. In 24 hours they will be as flat as using a press.

    Hing mount then and put overmats to keep it in place.

    Look into the display shelves that light impressions sells.
    My wife likes this in our great room.

    Now she has seen prints that are float mounted and wants me to start doing everything that way.

    The way arround this is print with large white borders and over mat with 3/8 tth to 1/2 inche of the borders showing. Works for me and I have a dry mount press. Not every picture is worth drymounting!

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    Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display

    I wanted a way to easily display and change my prints. What I settled on was taking a 10 ft. length of galvanized pipe and attaching it to the wall. From this pipe I hung 6 ft. long, 5/8 inch threaded rods. The rods were hung by using a coupler and attaching them to a threaded hook. On the rods, I put a number of nuts at various heights. Above the nuts, I put washers with S hooks attached. I bought some clip frames because they are easy to change the prints out. The frames hang on the S hooks which can be adjusted to whatever height you want to display your prints.

    It is a little hard to describe, but it has an industrial/loft type of look and wasn't expensive. The advantage over a ledge is that you can hang more prints and at any height you want. I'd be happy to send you a picture of it if you want.

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    Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display


    My wife would never go for any thing that looks less than perfect. She is the type women that thinks nothing of paying $100 for a gallon of paint! We looked into various hanging systems and decided on the ledges.

    I tried to get my home improvement contractor to build ledges, but he finally admited he did not know how and suggested the light impressions. I have double tiered them and have space for 10 16x20 frames.

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    Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display

    Thank you, Anne, for the tip. It will get incorporated somehow into my final design.

    No picture necessary. I worked my way through college in an old hardware store which didn't use peg board hooks or bubble packs - just crates. And the asphalt floor was never swept. So I understand galvanized turnbuckles.

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    Homeowner's Blind Eye Print Display

    john--something else to try would be to hang the boards by cleats.The cleat couldn't be simpler--you can use a 2x4 and rip it at a 45 degree angle, or do the same thing with a piece of one inch gator board. (the hard stuff, not the foam). you rip it--you're left with these 2 wedge like halves. One becomes the cleat for the wall, the other goes on the back of the mount board and it's held in place by gravity. you can put a little wedge under the bottom half to get it level with the wall if needed.

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