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Thread: Status of Azo

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    Status of Azo

    I spoke with Kodak today. Here is the quick version of my report:

    There is plenty of Azo on hand. No one needs to panic.

    A few years ago Paula and I saved Azo from extinction. We didn't do this just to get everyone excited about silver chloride paper and then leave them in the lurch. So we are having silver chloride paper made elsewhere. There will be silver chloride paper available as long as we are around.

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    Status of Azo

    You Rock Man!

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    Status of Azo

    If you are going to have it made, please have in made in double weight and in more grades.



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    Status of Azo


    I think that I can say everyone does appreciate your efforts. Please keep us up to date as much as possible.


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    Status of Azo

    I have to second the motion for double weight.

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    Status of Azo

    Fabulous! I am also sure that you will collaborate with the replacement manufacturer to secure a similar tonal scale to your liking. Time lines? 2006 2007?

    Just curious. Is Azo a patented Kodak formula or is a silver chloride emulsion a generic known product that can easily be produced by another manufacturer? On the drawing board I see an opportunity to provide technical input as to how the paper should optimally perform by grade. Anything beyond that (additional grades or paper weights) would be icing on the cake.

    If we can assist in any way or if you need financial commitments to demonstrate a market interest, please let us know. I for one want to make sure that we support your and Paula's efforts in any manner necessary.


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    Status of Azo

    Good news.. it would have been a sad thing to start using azo only to see it disappear. By the way I was made a gift a few days back of maybe 50 lbs of photographic paper including a 250 sheet double weight 11 x 14 in grade 2 and a 100 box of normal single weight 8x10 grade 3. Since Amidol is not easily available here in Sweden I took notice of the recommendarion on the box of either Dektol or Ektaflo type 1. What about it ?

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    Status of Azo


    Some folks like the look of Azo developed in Agfa Neutol WA. In lieu of Amidol you might give it a try although nothing matches Amidol. I think Neutol might be a better choice than Dektol.

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    Status of Azo

    If a new paper is to be manufactured form scratch, wouldn't this represent an opportunity to improve on the Azo formula, rather than just duplicate it? Shouldn't we be wishing for a paper with Azo's tonal range, but fast enought for enlarging without a special light source, wether that paper is wholly silver chloride (which it has never been clear that Azo is), or some combination of sensitizers? I wish the very best of luck to all involved in bringing a new paper to market in this financial climate.


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    Status of Azo

    Given that Azo's been around for 100 years, I doubt that patents are an issue. There might be some issues regarding duplicating the latest "improvements", but anyone can make a paper like the original Azo with impunity. (Given the change to grade 2 that occurred recently, it's entirely possible that lots of people would be happier with an older style paper.)

    Thanks to Michael and Paula for all of their hard work to save Azo, and now to find another supplier for silver chloride paper.

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