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Thread: Question about tripod part

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    Question about tripod part

    Hi, I'm more or less an amateur photographer so I don't know all the terms for parts yet but I need advice on a tripod part. I got a good deal on a 6' telescopic tripod ($1.50 at a thrift store), but the only problem is the top part (the head?) is just a blunt plastic circle approximately 3/4" wide. Too wide to actually use on any camera equipment that I know of. So I'm guessing that it's missing the real head, but I've searched online and have only found tripod heads that screw onto another normal, small screw. Nothing that would fit the large fixture this one has. What kind of part should I be looking for?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    No one can really answer your question as you have not supplied enough information. Is their a male mounting thread that a head could screw into? If so what diameter and thread pitch? If not is their a threaded hole in the center of that plate? If so, what diameter and thread?

    Now, what type of camera will you want to use on this tripod and what type of tripod head do you want to use?

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    Show us a picture.

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    There is no thread. Nothing anything can screw onto. Just a large, smooth plastic knob about 3/4" wide. I'd like to add about a 1/4" thread to it. This is all I know about it as I am not an expert and could not find any appropriate parts myself. I checked Ebay, Amazon and other places but all I found were heads with 1/4" threads that screw onto other 1/4" threads, which is of no help.

    Picture is attached.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    Did you try to unscrew the plastic part? It looks in the picture that it would.

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    It's all one solid piece. Nothing unscrews.

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    Another picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    Wonder if it's a stand for speakers or a background. The plastic post looks like a bigger version of what's used for monolights, etc..

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    This definitely is not a camera tripod.

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    Re: Question about tripod part

    Is there any way it could be converted into a camera tripod?

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