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Thread: ULF Camera Cart

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    Re: ULF Camera Cart

    Quote Originally Posted by Carl J View Post
    Hi Luis,
    Was also considering this one (Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover) with 19x12" base:

    (Would be great to see a shot with it loaded up.)
    Pretty much looks like the one I got! L

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    Re: ULF Camera Cart

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    I have heard these kind of stories before . . .Is this not in conflict with the Americans With Disabilities Act?...
    Due to the act, wheelchairs are allowed in the wilderness. They have to be the same type/size wheelchairs found in homes -- no powered tank-tread wheelchairs allowed. They can not tow another wheeled device behind them.
    "Landscapes exist in the material world yet soar in the realms of the spirit..." Tsung Ping, 5th Century China

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    Re: ULF Camera Cart

    Hi Tav,

    where you got you inflatable wheels for your cart? I ordered one you recommended.



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