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Thread: Archival B & W Labs?

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    Archival B & W Labs?

    Can anyone recommend a lab to produce high quality archival black and white prin ts? A client needs larger prints than I can produce locally.

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    Archival B & W Labs?

    steve - you didnt say where you are, but most large cities have a specialty B/W outfit that can do archival processing and whatever size enlargements you may need. all of my work must be archival for the various reposiitories that it goes to, so, over the years i have made special arrangements with a variety of vendors. here in salem, oregon, i use a group called "photovision" that i have worked with for about 10 years for all my archival fiber-base printing. it took me almost two years of coordination with their printer to get exactly what i need, but since that time, i have been very satisfied with their work.

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