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Thread: Extreme Flange Removal

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    Re: Extreme Flange Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    The only thing attractive about them is the fast-glass f/1.9 aperture.
    All of the 3"/1.9 'scope camera lenses I've bought have been in shutters with restricted apertures. None of the shutters' diaphragms opened as wide as those of standard Alphax and Ilex #3s. Not necessarily a problem and, since I haven't seen every 3"/1.9 'scope camera lens ever made, possibly not universal.

    What you really want is the uncommon ones with f/1.4 lenses.

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    Re: Extreme Flange Removal

    That's strange Dan, the Oscillo-Raptar I bought last year in an Alphax #3 has no restrictions to the aperture, I've actually fitter a set of 6" Turner Reich cells and need to attach the old Betax aperture scale.

    My Dallmeyer 90mm f1.9 Oscilloscope lens had a normal Prontor Press #1 shutter, again no restrictions,


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