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Thread: New to LF - Chamonix or used Wista SP outfit?

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    Re: New to LF - Chamonix or used Wista SP outfit?

    Would suggest that you get new holders - the Toyo ones. No point in loosing out on good film plane sharpness because of some cheap warped holders.

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    Re: New to LF - Chamonix or used Wista SP outfit?

    I once bought a Tachihara 4x5 brand new. It was so pretty that I worried every time I used it that I might scratch it. I now have a Wehman 8x10 which I bough used. Wehmans aren't exactly pretty cameras plus mine was used. I enjoy using the camera and don't worry about scratching it.

    A new Chamonix is a pretty wooden camera. A used Wista SP is an all black metal camera that probably has a few "paint offs" here and there.

    I'm not trying to tell you which to buy. They are both very fine cameras. You really can't go wrong with either one. I'm just trying to give you something more to think about.

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    Re: New to LF - Chamonix or used Wista SP outfit?

    I looked at these two when I decided to get into LF photography. I was scared off by the Chamonix due to reports of the bellows not being IR safe, and I like to shoot IR film sometimes. Then again, I've read other reports where they say they're fine, so I don't know where they land. It may be worth checking out if you think you might do IR photography and are leaning towards the Chamonix.

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