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Thread: Web browser security warning

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    Re: Web browser security warning

    As I logged in yesterday, I suddenly got a FaceTime request from a well known forum member. Lucky I did not accept this request...because it was not real.

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    Re: Web browser security warning

    Don’t confuse ssl security with database integrity. SSL it’simportant when you surf the net through inscure connections like a open wifi, but not when you are at a private connection or with your phone.

    The browser warning it’s only a warning. The LFF admins can go for a SSL certificate (there are very cheap for not commercial sites), but it’s a weird thing.

    Database integrity it’s a task for the admins of the site. And it’s better kept on some sites than others (even Facebook had some problems not long ago)

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    Re: Web browser security warning

    SSL certificates provide two functions 1) encrypt the traffic between browser and server, and 2) provide some assurance that the server is actually who it claims to be. I am not going to go into the caveats for those two statements - it is not really relevant to a photography forum. Besides, I have to deal with it as part of my work, and this is the weekend 8-) Because so much of the web now involves identity and financial transactions, drawing attention to the encryption status of a site makes sense.

    It is a real pain for sites which do not collect any input from the user - the benefits are marginal. But the commercial majority seems to be driving this. Switching a site from HTTP to HTTPS is not always simple. So much depends on one's server environment, what level of control one has over the configuration, and what your options are for site certificates. And there is a cost, of course.

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    Re: Firefox security warning

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Westbrook View Post
    The SSL thing has been creeping up on us for a while, but we'll probably go the SSL route at some point in the next 6 months, give or take. It's just that a trusted certificate costs money & since we're non-commercial & don't sell anything thru the site itself, we'll have to find a certificate authority at the best price to satisfy our needs & commit to a new recurring maintenance expense to renew SSL certificate (they all expire at some point) when needed.

    Until then, if you're concerned about security here (and you should be concerned about security everywhere on the 'net), we strongly recommend using a different, strong password here than on any other site. A password manager like LastPass, 1Password, etc. makes this a easier.
    Well its been well over a year now and still no SSL certificate. Many people buy and sell things on this forum and information like paypal accounts are exchanged by email through the mail section.


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