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Thread: Which Linhof Technika model is this?

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    Re: Which Linhof Technika model is this?

    Thanks for the clarification, Cor!

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    Re: Which Linhof Technika model is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by v.kapoor View Post
    Thanks for all the advice!

    Novice question: do I need a dark cloth necessarily or is that a viewer attached to the inside of the door in the 4th picture?
    If you get the Linhof Reflex Viewer it will mount to the back of the camera in place of the Folding Focusing Hood already on the camera or get the Linhof Viewing/Metering bellows and either one would replace both a dark cloth and a loupe. The Reflex Viewer has a 2x loupe built in and the Viewing Bellows has a convertible 2/4x loupe built in. Older versions only have a 2x loupe, so look for a more recent one.

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