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Thread: 4x5 Slide mount

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    4x5 Slide mount

    Hi, I'm looking for 4x5 slides mount but I'm not finding here in my country.
    Is there any company doing something that I could use?


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    Re: 4x5 Slide mount


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    Re: 4x5 Slide mount

    I am not aware of any stiff cardboard mounts for 4x5 film. I have shot 4x5 transparencies for decades and rarely saw any kind of slide mount for a projector. 4x5 film projection would be in the realm of audio visual professionals due to the high cost.

    I do, however, have presentation mounts made of two layers of thick black paper with a 4x5 clear plastic sleeve in the middle. The outside dimensions are 8x10. I'm not sure if these are still sold.

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    Re: 4x5 Slide mount

    I have used a converted Magic Lantern projector to project 4x5" B&W transparencies. Essentially we placed the film plane about 10mm or maybe a little bit more rearward, enlarged the negative hole a little with a wood rasp, then used a wider coverage 150mm graphic arts lens lens for projecting, worked quite well.

    For slide mounts, we used very thin glass, both sides to the exact size of the film, which was a Kodak film as we were a Kodak house. The edges of the glass were covered in a cloth type of tape, which was a book binding tape. From memory, it went down either side of the glass between 8mm to 10mm.

    Believe it or not, this was for a fashion show in the very late seventies or possibly the very early eighties.

    We were looking for an ELMO stereo projector to convert, when we came upon the Magic Lantern projector. It was a very nice bit of kit and the projection of the slides went down very well. The power was provided by a 12V automobile battery using a standard pair of H4 headlight globes. Aluminium foil was stuck to the light globe box to reflect as much light as possible. If that hadn't worked, plan B was to use the colour head from an 8x10" enlarger with it's 1,000W set of globes.

    You will need to use quite thin glass, that should be available in your country, wherever in the world that is.


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    Re: 4x5 Slide mount

    I have some Blair 4x5 white adhesive cardboard mounts that were manufactured/sold by InkJet Arts around the turn of the century. They were distributed through Adorama. I probably have 100 to 200 of them that I bought from Ink Jet Arts in Salt Lake City about 2005 or so. I'll sell them for $0.75 each plus shipping. If interested send me a PM with your shipping address and paypal info and I'll send you an invoice.


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    Re: 4x5 Slide mount

    This could be useful.
    Savage Pre-Vu Mount - 12x16", Holds Four 4x5" Slides. $14; Special Order at B&H.
    This is a 12x16" Savage Pre-Vu Mount for Four 4x5" Slides. It is a professional way to present and view transparencies. Unmounted transparencies are secured in an adhesive coated mask then inserted into the mounts transparency window.
    Constructed of solid black board.

    The generosity of spirit in this forum is great, its warmly appreciated.

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