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Thread: Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    Some 25 years ago I took a workshop at ICP from Marie Cosindas, the famous Bosto n photographer who specialized in Polaroid. She was a great photographer and su perb teacher, but her health was not good at that time. It has now been some 10 years since I have seen her work mentioned, and I wonder if anyone can give me an update? (The greatest benefit I got from the workshop was to convince me tha t I was not destined to become a disciple, but that my photographic futute lay a long a different path.)

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?


    I'd be interested too. I bought a copy of her book of colour polaroid work in the early 70's and was blown away. The most incredible use of colour I'd seen for a long time. I'd love to see more of her work.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    By Eleanor Spaak

    ...At large to explain the pull-and-tug were BPL Foundation stunner Grace Regan, tireless hotelier Peggy Dray and Sally Funk of Neiman-Marcus. BPL Trustee, Joe Mullaney, he's a VIP at Gillette, chose to skirt the issue. So did sparkling Amanda Batey, Bernard's wife, Smoki Bacon and Marie Cosindas, who crosses their legs and drank tea...

    oo-- dWs

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    Bill, try Hugo de Pagano Gallery in New york: fax (212) 262-2927. I'd be interested to hear the outcome if you decide to pursue this lead. They had or still have work by Marie Cosindas.

    Regards and best wishes for the season.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    Marie Cosindas may have slowed down a little, (haven't we all?) but she's alive and well and lives in Boston

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    I just got a call from a fiend that told me that she is teaching a workshop in Lubec Maine this summer.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    Some months back, I spoke over the telephone to the gentleman who operates the Polaroid replica print gallery in Boston; when I asked of the whereabouts of Marie Cosindas, he assured me that he sees her "about every month or so," and that she often drops by just to say hello.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    one of my favorite fotos is a (candid?) shot of Yousef Karsh by marie cosindas in which Karsh is contemplating an egyptian stone(?) head in a museum case. the foto appears as the author/artist shot in a number of karsh's portrait collections. the best of these is the book prepared in conjunction with his first us show at the mfa in boston.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    I just did a Google search to see some images of Ms. Cosindas's work, and came upon this message stream. As of last Tuesday, August 14, Marie Cosindas was up and about. She was here at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for the opening of an exhibition, and she and I chatted briefly about the photographs of the collector/artist Sarah Choate Sears.

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    Whatever Happened To Marie Cosindas?

    do you know of anyone planning to attend the lubec workshop with marie cosindas?

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