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Thread: DIY top hat lensboard extension

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    DIY top hat lensboard extension

    Hey all,
    I was in search of a lensboard extension and came across They make many adapters and tubes etc.
    I had a spare Copal #3 lensboard and the hole is standard 65mm,
    Knowing this gave me the idea to build my own top hat extension using parts from RafCamera
    Here is what I ordered from them.

    60mm extender for M65x1 thread
    M65x1 female to M65x1 male thread adapter (30mm long extender)
    41.6mm to M65x1 thread adapter for shutters, wide
    Lens board (lens flange) for M65x1 focusing helicoid, round

    Cost me $134, and a couple weeks shipping.
    All the components fit together well. And are well made.
    I have used this for my Fuji 400T on a Toyo 45AX to get that extra bellows depth.

    Here are some pictures.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: DIY top hat lensboard extension

    90mm of extension must make front tilt/swing very sensitive? It looks like a robust solution and a lot more elegant than things I put together from ABS plumbing parts!

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    Re: DIY top hat lensboard extension

    When I needed to do this with a 4x5 Anba, I just used a soup can with correct size hole in the bottom and spot soldered, then black taped to lensboard. Worked well and I use it for years.

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