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Thread: DSLR Scanner Project: Does it work?

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    DSLR Scanner Project: Does it work?

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    Re: DSLR Scanner Project: Does it work?

    Re: DSLR Scanning. I have found that my system works quite well. The camera is a D90, there are three cords coming out on right side. 1: AC power adapter 2: push button cable release 3: USB connected to computer. The plywood housing for supporting the negative carrier and housing the inverted dichroic Omega C760 head is not secured to enlarger base, to facilitate negative positioning. The lens is a Nikkor 105 f 4 micro attached to a PB4 bellows. There is a metal plate at the front of the column, to prevent the weight of the setup to affect position after tightening. There is another metal plate when I'm shooting 120 negatives. Average exposure is 1/200 f 11 (35mm) I use PS7 on an XP computer. I'm very pleased with the sharpness. When shooting color negatives, I neutralize the color coupler mask (the orange) 5-15 M 75C filter pack, or whatever works . I shoot in a darkened room to reduce extraneous light, just in case. Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: DSLR Scanner Project: Does it work?

    Yup - works great. I bought an old Bowens Illumitran, placed the base unit on a copy stand with a Nikon D810, a bellows and a 75mm Rodagon D 1:1. The results are excellent for digitizing 35mm slides - fully comparable to good 4000 dpi Nikon scans. And FAST. Change slide - focus - confirm framing - tweak a tad - click - repeat. About as fast you you can read that phrase. My rig gets everything there is in terms of information on the slide. I even inspected my test slide with a 20x stereo microscope to see if I could see more than the camera scan was getting and my conclusion was that if there was more it was so little it would be a fools errand to try and wring it out. There was an adapter for up to 4x5 film for the Illumitran and I managed to find one. I haven't tried it yet but it look like it will work very well.

    Most any modern DSLR, good macro lens and an even, reasonably color balanced illumination source should give good results.

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