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Thread: Repairing enlarger counter balance reel?

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    Re: Repairing enlarger counter balance reel?

    Here's the insides. BTW the hole I assumed for oiling would place the oil near the base of the spring case which would direct it toward the pivot.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Repairing enlarger counter balance reel?

    Quote Originally Posted by greginpa View Post
    Thanks Jim. Yep this is what mine looks like too. I found an exact replacement on ebay. Also found the company appears to still make them. They are expensive however. They are originally made for balancing windows, Elwood repurposed them. I should be back in business in a matter of days. Thanks everyone for all your help.
    ps, those with a working elwood should perhaps oil there spring counter balance. Right before mine went ZIP! and broke itself it momentarily seized then rapidly took up the slack popping off the d ring.There is a little lubrication hole on the faceplate of the unit inside the case.
    Ebay is always a good place to look for hardware, glad you found a direct replacement.
    McMaster is also a good source too.

    There different purposes for spring balances, not just for windows, an old horizontal process camera I took apart ages ago had cabled
    spring balances used as counterbalances for the focusing system.
    Caldwell probably spun off their industrial spring balances to concentrate on window balances.

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