Hi, I'm posting the exact remarks I made to Michael since you both had the same question. I'm not often, like frankly ever on this forum because of my intense work on this course.

My name is Katherine Gillis, Master Traditional Retoucher & Spotter. I have created over the last 14 months a course specifically (yes, extremely rare and niche) for analog photographers called "Become a Fearless Traditional Retoucher & Spotter." Any one who got my FREE Tools & Resources checklist on my website at www.katherinegillis.com received one module outline a day from 12-26-2016 for 6 days. This was my way of making sure everyone knew what the course contents were. The cost, the way to enroll and the bonuses will be announced shortly to anyone who has gotten my Checklist. Visit my site to know more but if you get the Checklist you'll know immediately. I have been doing LIVE Broadcasts for a while on Facebook on my course developer's page THE CAROL BUTLER SHOW and we will be LiVE on Periscope on Twitter at 1 p.m. Thursday (1-5-2017) and LIVE on Facebook at 11 a.m. We will announce within both broadcasts when the course is open for enrollment. Those who buy the course the day we open it up get a very special bonus. We've already given the special bonus of the entire outline of the course, something most don't do. All of this is meant to have people know me, Carol and understand what they were investing in. Thanks for commenting. - My best to you and hope you take the course. Katherine