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Thread: Protective case for the 8x20 camera

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    Re: Protective case for the 8x20 camera

    My new Gator case swallows my tiny 7X17, poor fit

    It works well with my 11x14 Seneca View Camera, Improved, Variation 'ebonized'

    11X14 cased by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr
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    Re: Protective case for the 8x20 camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Roberts View Post
    Hey Pound! I would appreciate it very much if you could provide an update to this project. Did you ever figure out how to make a canvas cover?

    How did it work out, and are you still using this for your 8x20, or have you found some other case?
    Hi Michael
    the canvas cover project did not go far other than cutting out the canvas for it . I am still using this foam mat protective case and putting it on a hand pull trolley when moving around. Quick to remove, quick to put back on so I am pretty happy with it.

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    Re: Protective case for the 8x20 camera

    Pound, thanks for the update. I'm trying out a variation of your foam mat with my 12x20 but putting it in a 3oz ripstop nylon duffel that has hand and shoulder straps. Thanks, again, for your original post. Great idea and simple and inexpensive.

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