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Thread: FS Question: Can I list items for sale on my own website and post a link to that?

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    Re: FS Question: Can I list items for sale on my own website and post a link to that?

    Thanks to kleinbatavia for asking, and to everyone else for your comments.

    We'd really like all offerings here to be self-contained - you shouldn't have to go to another site to find out enough about what is being offered so that you can decide whether you want to contact the seller to pursue it.

    Unfortunately, the image hosting here is pretty klunky, particularly if someone has a large listing with many items. So we've made a partial exception in that we've tolerated links to external sites that are simply image repositories and not themselves free-standing advertisements or sales venues. These can be commercial image-hosting sites or pages hosted under your own web domains.

    But it's not so difficult to copy text here for posting. If a FS list is especially long and complicated, there's always the option of uploading a pdf or a plain text file as an attachment to the FS thread.

    So our bottom line for now is:

    1) Please post the full text of your offering, including item descriptions, pricing and terms of sale, here within the Forum.
    2) If necessary, you may link to a pure image-hosting page elsewhere.

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    Re: FS Question: Can I list items for sale on my own website and post a link to that?

    Two workarounds that happen already:
    1. A friend refers to a "good seller's site." So now the site owner isn't greedily getting more business. He's using someone else to get it. Again....what's wrong with business? The OP didn't say "can I continually post about my private sales" (like a certain Meniscus lens manufactuer used to). He said can I mention it once.
    2. A person that posts one item for sale says "PM me if you want other items". He privately gives his website or inventory list. Nothing wrong with that, this is a community and finders are sometimes useful.

    The idea that one post of one page on the internet of millions of pages would "blatantly increase sales (implying unfairly) is silly. Trying to control human nature is not very realistic. By allowing an occasional mention of your photo-related website isn't going to end the LF Forum world. Just say it can't be done but once or twice a year.

    I could rattle off a dozen examples right now of how people direct LF Forum users to their websites....where they sell items. It's not that big a deal. It's like trying to stop "shop talk" at a Christmas party. You can try, but you don't have the level of control that you think you do.

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