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Thread: Missing Tmax RS part B, What to do?

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    Re: Missing Tmax RS part B, What to do?

    Why not call Kodak? 1-800-242-2424

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    Re: Missing Tmax RS part B, What to do?

    When I got my first bottle of RS- I did it onnacounta it seemed D-76 wasn't giving me full speed - and RS should, I noticed the little bitty part B and didn't want to make up the entire bottle as stock.
    I figured it was some sort of preservative/activator, and was separate because if mixed the time to expiration would start
    I looked at the MSDS and called Kodak
    Those folks couldn't tell me what was in the little pack
    I barged ahead and used only small portions of A to mix to a working solution
    It worked, nicely
    I did a series of test 120 rolls at various EIs in contrasty sunlight
    I was quite satisfied and not worried about a ton of stock going bad when employment kept me from photography for [too] long periods of time.
    I must say there seem to be a LOT of folks on here that get paralyzed when there aren't stone tablets in front of them
    Shoot, the worries about Xray film exactness take up waaaaay too much space.

    DO SOMETHING, then adjust

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    Re: Missing Tmax RS part B, What to do?

    hazardous waste disposal for your local city/town will take it off your hands
    if you don't want to dispose of it that way, get a RMA from where you bought it
    and ship it back to them, they will get credit for it ...
    i've never been a fan of tmax rs ..
    enjoy your coffee

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