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Thread: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by DC2312 View Post
    Yes I did the cleaning and repair by myself, I had no choice but to throw it away, thank god they are mechanical and not electronic problems, if you select the transmission mode the scanner freezes for a few minutes with the tray locked to the right and then starts again , I think it is due to the lighting of the lamp and its reaching the color temperature, do you use Color Quartet or Colortrio?
    This is interesting.
    I will run some tests on the weekend.
    However my scanner goes to the right and the error lamp flashes. I have color quartet.

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    So when you turn on the scanner, do you see switch on the white lamp?
    Turn on the scanner and open the cover to check the lamp.

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    Hello, i would like to speak with you about Scanmate. I have a ScanMAte 11000 and i'm not getting good sharp images.

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    Sorry for the delay.
    You mean the illumination lamp on the cover? yes it's on as the base light.
    Now it show an error even on startup and it goes away and the scanner sit with "on" green.
    Scanner is also recognised in windows but it does exactly the same. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't have enough knowledge to try to fix it myself.

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    I am not sure i can help you. What exactly is your problem?

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by ciro vitiello View Post
    I got the same scanner yesterday but after the first trial scan the plate stuck to the right with a flashing red error light. The first time, following the manual I reset the scanning plate into position and it did the trick but as soon as i started the next scan it did the same thing and this time nothing I can do to fix it. Any help? Do you have the contact of this person in Denmark? I am incredibly sad as I got it for next to nothing.
    There a switches on the back with numbers, in a certain position the scanner will go to transportation mode, etc. If u still need it I can look in the manual.

    I would switch it to transportation mode and back, be sure to remove the glass tray before doing it. There are also some fiidle switches wich are sometimes faulty.

    Please write me an email to chbaasner[at], so we can skype or something.

    Best wishes, Christopher

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    Re: Scanmate f8+ anyone?

    I found the issue on my scanmate f8 plus which is a broken trapezoidal lead screw nut tr10x2. Does anyone have a spare one or can point me in the right direction? I have found many online that are similar but not exactly the same and cost a lot of money.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3D142316-11FA-4978-84B5-9357A5F07B26_Original.jpg 
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