I recently purchased a box of FUJI medical X-Ray film (Super HR-U) from Z&Z Medical. I shot 2 sheets 8.5x6.5 inches. I used 10 inch f6.3 lens and flashes with umbrellas. The first sheet I shot as 50ASA at f8 and the second as 100ASA at f 8 with accordingly adjustment of flash power. I developed it with D76 diluted 1:1. I did it in the tray and visually inspect it: First sheet 50ASA for 6 minutes and the second (100ASA) for 7 minutes. The first sheet was a little contrast but the second was great. I mixed D76 myself. This is the formula: Metol 2g, Sodium Sulfite 100g, Hydroquinone 5g, Borax 2g, water up to 1litre. I bought the raw chemicals from Argentix.ca in Canada. You can buy the same in the US from Formulary.
I had used a conventional package of D76 but lately, the price went double so I decided to mix it myself. After I switched to above formula all my negatives a better. I didnít test Fuji x-ray film outside or under tungsten light.
I will summarize my experiment: Fuji Medical X-Ray film (Super HR-U) can be shot at 100ASA and developed with D76 diluted 1:1.
Has anybody experienced the difference between conventional D76 and self-mixed?

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