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Thread: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    Just checked and TF-5 can't be added to the cart anymore Hopefully PF can ship this to Canada otherwise it's find another source. Am presuming PMK and Pyrocat are in store only as well, I didn't have the nerve to check. To say this sucks is putting it mildly...
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred L View Post
    .... To say this sucks is putting it mildly...
    Remember, you can

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    ... Just buy what you need elsewhere.
    However those of us here in the real word agree with you Fred.

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    Fred, Formulary would ship TF-5.....but the cost of shipping was more than the cost of the TF-5....that's why I do a Montana run a couple of times a year.

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    If it's a UPS regulation it's UPS's own lame way of protecting themselves for their own gorilla-like handling of packages,
    I recently had an order of materials for work that arrived with one of the containers empty, there was a nice crack on
    the bottom of the container so it leaked out either in their trucks or shipping facility.
    In fact packages I get from UPS seem like they were mishandled.

    It's lousy for you guys that have to have to buy photo chemicals from B&H and have them shipped.

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    If there is a market demand for this service, someone will fill the need. What about Freestyle?

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    It was hard to beat B&H price AND free shipping to Canada....

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Pitman View Post
    Hmmm, just order Dektol and Kodak Fixer. Order went right through. Either not fully implemented or not comprehensive.

    Also, I like UPS. Friendly with the drivers who come here. Reliable service. On the other hand, FedEx is terrible. Why can't they find my front door for deliveries?
    For some reason 1 gallon packages of Dektol, D-76, and Kodak fixer is still available and legal to transport, but not the 1 quart size of D-76. It's Xmas they are just tired of dealing with the shipping costs and the headaches.
    Unique and Freestyle will be glad to get the business.
    Best Mike

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    I'm wondering about this situation...

    If UPS does not want to handle chemicals, Why wouldn't B&H use another carrier, i.e. FedEx.
    After all, they would rather sell than give the business to others, no ?
    Do they have an exclusive agreement with UPS ?

    Apparently the UPS decision about shipping chemicals does not affect Freestyle because they ship by other carriers who do not have a restriction about shipping chemicals, is that it ?
    I have not dealt with Freestyle.

    Being in the NY area, it's always been easier and faster to order and ship from B &H. We get UPS deliveries the next day. Even though I'm not far from the city, getting there and traffic is more of a hassle in recent years. So this new "rule" affects even those of us who are close by and need to order chemistry.

    It's surprising B&H would give up the business instead of finding another option.
    I know just enough to be dangerous !

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    It's a very Kafka-esque situation for me.

    I was about to order chemistry for our darkroom at the college where I work and just received the quote from B&H this morning (total $4,800.) and under each item it says "this item cannot be shipped". The college is not very far from the B&H store but it would mean corralling a few students to help me carry it out, put it in a couple of taxi cabs (non-reimbursable expenses), run it up the college, unload it, put it on dollies, carry it to the darkroom... probably 2-3 hours of hassle, not counting NYC traffic.
    The other NYC-area stores are not an option don't carry a lot of the chemistry we use.

    Freestyle will cost a bit more but they ship and that's one option that is important to us.

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    Re: B&H No Longer Shipping Chemistry

    Perhaps we have missed the obvious.

    My recent order for 11x14 HP5 took B&H 6 weeks to deliver off back order. Which surprised me as I had not encountered this problem before.

    Could it be B&H doesn't find our business worth keeping?
    sin eater

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