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Thread: Shutter Accuracy

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    Shutter Accuracy

    I have 3 lenses that i got used for my 4x5, nikon 135, 210, and also a schnieder 90. I have noticed that when i set the lenses on 1 second there is a pretty significant difference inhow long the shutter is actually open. I would appreciate some advice on where i can get these shutters calibrated without breaking my wallet. Thanks. -Gray

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    Shutter Accuracy

    Define "significant." Have you shot transparencies at 1 second with each lens, and are they badly exposed?

    If they are somewhere in the ballpark, that is all you may get from mechanical geartrains. If they are off significantly but consistent, you might buy or borrow a shutter tester, measure the speeds, and make up a correction table. Then just open/close the aperture the appropriate amount at each speed.

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    Shutter Accuracy

    Gray, Flutor's Camera Repair (Carol Miller) does all the CLA for my shutters and she is wonderful to deal with. You can reach her at: 562-696-0795, or She charges $45 per shutter as long as there is nothing majorly wrong with it.

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    Shutter Accuracy

    Hmmm - I am leaving for the island of Íland (Sweden) in a couple of days - bringing with me 5x7 Norma fitted with Sinar-Copal behind-the-lens shutter, 2 nikkors & 1 rodenstock. All of them being controlled by the same shutter = no trouble with different timing between lenses....

    If You use a monorail , You will usually be able to adapt a sinar-copal shutter to your camera. A used Sinar-Copal cost probably less (You find Sinar-Copal's for $$ 150-250 if You are not in a hurry) than having Your three shutters adjusted, and You can still use the in-lens shutter as back up & high-speed shutters - having the lens on T when using the Sinar-Copal. I Have used the S-C for may years - very satisfied with it, as are many of us who are actually USING this type of shutter.

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    Shutter Accuracy

    For myself, it isn't so important that my lenses be timed, so long as I know their actual times. Knowing the actual time enables one to correct for inaccuracies by adjusting the aperture. Some of my lenses are off as much as a half-stop or a stop on longer shutter times, usually towards being open too long.

    The other thing that's good to know is their consistency. Do they give the same timing on an ongoing basis. I've not had too much problem here. I have lenses for which many of their shutter speeds of within 1/10th or 1/20th of a stop from their average shutter speeds. One can expect some inconsistency of the fast shutter speeds, such as 1/500th sec.

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