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    print sharing

    I will be attending my first view camera conference and was wondering exactly what "print sharing" was, since it is on the program a few times. Is it for help with a problem print? involve darkroom techniques to help make it a better print? to share an experience? is there a size that is beneficial for all? concerned?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    marie c

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    print sharing


    I believe this is intended as a place for people to meet and look at other people's prints, and in general see what other paople are doing. I don't believe it is an organized event as much as a open venue for getting people together at the conference.

    In my opinion, this is possibly the biggest benefit of the conference. Many people seemingly work in a vacuum on their photography, and a conference like this gets together to share experiences, images, techniques. From my own experience, I find that the exposure to other people's work is helpful in my own personal development, and I see precious little real work from other LF photographers in normal day-to-day existance.

    I don't think there are any rules, other than the practical limits of what you can reasonably carry. I think you will probably see the gamut from completed portfolios to a bunch of prints in a box. Bring whatever you are comfortable showing, and if you want constructive criticism, bring some images that you feel are short in some way. You may find a person who can give you the detached objective viewpoint to get you over the hump on an image or two.


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    print sharing

    Print sharing is a time and place for anyone to bring prints and share them with other attendees. There is no formal presentation just an open sesion.

    This can be a great time for people to see what others are doing and perhaps pick up some hints andtip from other photographers.

    steve simmons

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